CIRCUIT Critical Forum

Australian film artist Dirk de Bruyn operates a 16mm film projector in a live performance setting. The projector beams an abstract image onto a wall opposite the projector. We see the projected image in the centre of the picture, between the projector and the operator. The screening is taking place in the dark, the only light is from the projector lamp and projected image. Still from Material Damage (2015) Live performance by Dirk de Bruyn at the CIRCUIT symposium (2015). Image by Callum Devlin

The CIRCUIT Critical Forum is a monthly discussion group for artists who work with the moving image to talk about ideas and practice in a mutually supportive environment and in dialogue with CIRCUIT.

The CIRCUIT Critical Forum is for artists with an active and current moving image practice who are no longer in education. Meetings are typcially split between artist presentations, watching works, group discussion and occasional guest presentations. Co-hosted by CIRCUIT and Artspace (Auckland), Adam Art Gallery (Wellington) and the Physics Room (Christchurch) the Critical Forum meetings take place monthly.

Attendance is free, but each artist is asked to commit to the group as a participant for a minimum period of six months. Open calls for new members are circulated annually in February. To find out more about joining the group, please email Mark Williams>>