Kate Walker

And I Feel Fine (2019)

7 min 40 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"A group of young friends walk through an urban wasteland at night, headed for Disaster Karaoke at Boise Idaho’s original gay bar, ‘Lucky Dog Tavern’. Fragments of archival material including nuclear
energy instructional video, old music videos and storm reporting footage are layered in with heartfelt apocalyptic singing, in a strange blend of joyous anxiety.

And I Feel Fine includes brief interviews with the performers speaking frankly about their fears, experiences and hopes for the world they inherit. Homelessness, climate anxiety and systematic disregard for life are some of the stories told. Throughout these anxieties, a sense of irrepressible optimism persists.

If this really was the end of the world, you wouldn’t want to miss it." - Artist's Statement

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