Murray Hewitt

Bothsidesism is killing us (2024)

4 min 29 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour

Every year thousands of people travel to Taranaki for the garden festival. Having moved here fairly recently I noticed heaps of hydrangeas in people's gardens and growing wild beside the road. They feel British and old school but they have become a bit enthusiastic and unruly, everywhere so large and colourful. I am reminded of Matisse who painted flowers and beautiful things during war time.

Murray Hewitt

The video is accompanied by a soundtrack found online at YouTube. Please follow the instructions below to play the video with sound:

  1. Navigate to the screen that says "Start Here" (8 sec) and pause the video.

  2. Keeping the CIRCUIT browser tab open, open a second browser tab by clicking the link here. Press play.

  3. Return to the CIRCUIT tab and restart the video.

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