Cushla Donaldson

composite for a happiness that forgets nothing (2018)

10 min 5 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"In 2019’s ‘composite for a happiness that forgets nothing’, the dream of a show tour of the simulated glossy interior of a cruiseship is interrupted by an audio interview with an performance artist worker on a ship, expressing their fears at night of all that ocean beneath. We cut to diagrammatic illustration of water filling the ships lower cavities. The filmmaking plays to the dangers of wooziness with the drug of entertainment that the boat provides with its theatres." - Mark Amery

“Donaldson’s  ‘composite for a happiness that forgets nothing’ operates as a love letter to an old friend, which, via personal narrative, explores the complex machinations of capitalism and its undeniable global influence.” - Jamie Hanton 

Read Jamie Hanton's exhibition response here.

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