James Oram

Currency (2022)

10 min 55 sec (excerpt) of 21 min 55 sec2 channel installation / Digital Video / Black & White / Silent

"It’s a two—screen video, the images placed adjacent to each other. On the left, a thumbs up gesture carved in ice slowly melts. On the right, the same sculpture slowly rematerializes. It is played in reverse. The steam, the condensation gives it away. It’s like watching a boat sink. The base of the hand slowly evaporates, the thumb sinks lower and lower. Like a periscope of a submarine going down. Likewise in its antithesis. The thumb rises, parts the water, crests into visibility. The film plays on loop. It alternates screens. One rising, the other falling. Looping endlessly into meaninglessness. It mimics the actual gesture. The thumbs up. That sign. That social insignia of so many likes." — Hamish Win from the essay James Oram: By Spectral Hands

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