Deep ditch, narrow pit (2017)

4 min 23 sec2 channel installation / Single channel / Digital Video / Colour / Silent

"Deep ditch, narrow pit draws links to the intimacy of consumption, and the consumption of the body. Laura Duffy and Margot Mills work with dough as a bodily substance, focussing on textures, hands and mouths, referencing the malleability and decompositional qualities which the body and the substance share. Neither solid or liquid, neither dead or alive - the dough references rituals appropriated from Catholicism as an emotional response to a structurally taught repression and repulsion of one’s own sexuality.

These visuals are paired with subtitles written in response to from a quote from a biblical proverb: “For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit”. This text speaks to a historically abjected feminine sexuality while drawing visibility to and protesting against structural heteronormativity and patriarchy. Deep ditch, narrow pit also discusses how bodies are historically constructed as absences and empty spaces, as vessels with an absence, an emptiness yet to be filled. The work exists as rejection of  this emptiness, a refusal to perform emotional labour."

Artists' statement

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