Phil Dadson

ECHO LOGO (2003)

7 min 49 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"A sound-echo performance under the 30 metre high ice-face of the Canada glacier, located in Taylor Valley, Dry Valleys, Antarctica. The event consists of simple performer tasks—walking cycles, voice shouts and stone bangs producing echo-effects off the glacial ice-wall. 

The event was realised at 00.30am, with the assistance of an 8 member research team based in the valley during the summer phase of continuous daylight."

Artist's statement

Selected exhibitions

  • Art from Antarctica, Brazil, Germany (2009)

  • Sur Polar, Buenos Aires (2006)

  • Tapping the Pulse, Philip Dadson works 1971-2004

  • New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington (2005)

  • Difference Screen, Europe/Asia tour (2013)

  • Various showings throughout NZ as part of Polar Projects

Other works in this series

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