Brydee Rood

Exercises with Kasanova (2012)

1 min 50 sec (excerpt) of 11 min 35 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Silent

Live installation and video project at Headlands Centre For The Arts San Francisco USA. “At the Presidio Riding Club, a brisk walk from my studio at Headlands, I found a new friend and collaborator in Kasanova - a charming chestnut steed and his rider / owner Tessa de Franco. Exercises with Kasanova was created during an afternoon of gentle rubbish bag inflation, as I attached each rubbish bag to Kasanova I maintained continuous narration and eye contact "Hi Kasanova I'm just passing Tessa this rubbish bag balloon to attach to your saddle..."

During a series of exercises we added more bags progressing into a sequence of movements through the Marin landscape. Frequently ‘Bear’, Tessa’s pet pug dog, trailed Kasanova, becoming an unexpected participant in the work. Towards the end of the exercises we were stopped by an inquisitive park ranger wanting to learn about the project and talk about horses.”

More project images can be seen here.

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