Kim Pieters

halo (2010)

24 min 39 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Black & White / Sound

halo is shot in black and white and shows a cloudy sky against which a seagull, wings outstretched, moves in slow motion across the frame. The pulsing, evocative audio is by Edie Stevens. At fifteen minutes, a flock of seagulls surges up and scatters, filmed by the camera from below.

As in Pieters’s other moving image works from this period, the video is slowed down and the audio is meditatively repetitive. halo shows a very brief moment of soaring seagulls that is opened up, or opened out, by the pace of the footage and the similarly measured momentum of the audio. Pieters has talked in CIRCUIT’s podcast about the “grace” she sees in moving images when they are slowed down.

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