Brit Bunkley

Hambach (2020)

4 min 33 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"In November 2019 I returned to the town of Immerath (Germany) on the edge of the immense Garzweiler open pit mine. I had scanned (in 3D) this town that was slated for removal when I last visited it in 2016. Three houses now remained on the site. The edge of the RWE open pit mine drew closer to what was once a town of 900 inhabitants. Down the road, the expanding Hambach lignite mine was eating up the ancient Hambach forest that once covered the mine. Thousands of demonstrators have protested in recent years to save the remaining 200 hectares of the Hambach Forest. I climbed the Hambach hill to fly my drone towards the mine. Geofencing stopped the drone mid-air. I could only see a distant pit encased in fog. On the other side of the hill, wind generators arose from the fog as if floating in the clouds."

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