Cushla Donaldson

Heads: attempted and successful recovery of data (2016)

5 min 24 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Black & White / Sound

“The video shows the artist visiting tech stores or help desks in an attempt to get the information off a computer that has given up the ghost. The issue of data loss – through planned or accidental obsolescence – is, of course, a matter of concern to many of us. In the short term, it’s bothersome. Retrieval can be time-consuming and expensive, even when it’s successful. But there are also long-term implications. In conversation, Donaldson suggests to me that we might be living in a kind of ‘future dark age’, that some of our proudest cultural achievements, those in the digital sphere, might become unknown and unknowable to people of the future.”

Francis McWhannell from the essay "Filling in the Gaps: Cushla Donaldson’s Public Dream: Liquidation"

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