Jasmine Te Hira

How Long Does it Take for the Light From the Stars to Reach the Ground Below Us (2014)

3 minSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Silent

"Recorded at Te Wai Unuroa o Wairaka, this body of work seeks to address the tension that sits ‘within’ and ‘between’ the documentation of sacred spaces. More specifically focused on tapu as a spiritual and social code, for example—lifting, cleansing, and breaking tapu from interior and exterior spaces with the use of water. Geographic points, landmarks and whakapapa are explored through the representation of water. Glitches in the looping of the video highlight our inability in creating full archival memory.

The physical space of the installation is positioned near a doorway. As audience members come through the doorway they physically pass through the projected image of the water—transitioning them into this new space of experience, allowing their skin to be washed and transformed into an immediate type of canvas."

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