Ana Iti

Howling out at a safe distance (2020)

11 min 42 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

Howling out at a safe distance uses four partial editions of the historic Māori language newspaper Te Pīpīwharauroa as a way to think about the grey areas in language and understanding. In the video I use A4 sheets of paper with windows cut into them to isolate words and brief phrases from the articles found in Te Pīpī, which are about looking for something, translation, speaking to one another, and loneliness.”

Ana Iti

Howling out at a safe distance was commissioned by CIRCUIT with the support of Creative New Zealand as part of Sovereign Pacific / Pacific Sovereigns, the 2020 programme of artist cinema commissions curated by Singapore-based academic and curator David Teh.

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