Mark Harvey

I am a wee bit stumped (Fifth test - Burning 10,000 kilojoules: So far …) (2011)

17 min 54 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

In a community hall, the artist stands in the corner facing a curtain. Looking at the ceiling, they begin walking backwards around the hall. They gather pace, running in the space between a perimeter of seated audience members and a central cluster of audience seated on the floor. The artist repeats a cycle of moving, stopping, speaking a short phrase and beginning again. Each circuit of the room creates a moment of tension as the artist almost falls or runs into an audience member, and the artist's exertions become more laboured.

"(moments of around in reverse, moments of tidying myself up). One of 'six tests measuring my promises for idiocy in stilling, labour, falling, being fallen, and audience/self repair'."

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