Mark Harvey

I am a wee bit stumped (Fourth Test - Tell me about it: re-remix wrap) (2011)

20 min 19 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

In a community hall, the artist appears on stage dressed in white. He brings cardboard boxes  onto the stage and fashions himself a cardboard costume held together with masking tape. As he becomes encased in cardboard it becomes increasingly difficult to construct the next part of his constume, which resembles one of televison’s ‘Transformers’. His efforts draw the attention of children in the audience and sighs from the adults as he continues his labour. He spins in a circle and collapses on the floor. The curtain is drawn, signalling the end of the performance.

One of "six tests measuring my promises for idiocy in stilling, labour, falling, being fallen, and audience/self repair...(transformer in recall, seeking supported recall)."

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