Rachel Shearer

I am an open window (2015)

5 min 42 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

I am an open window contains a stoic duration filmed in lush super 8mm textures. Tonal shifts are layered with text fragments gleaned from two of Paul’s poems provided to the artist. A lens is locked onto a persistent gaze of an open doorway, a cracked window, perhaps referencing Paul’s Barry’s Bay photographic series, where the lush foliage beaming from an open window is shrouded in the darkness of the surrounding interior. The super 8mm film stock is painterly, fragile and heavily textured. The work reinvents the aesthetics and form of small gauge cine-poems.”

Solomon Nagler from the essay 'Six Artists respond to the poetry of Joanna Margaret Paul' (2016)

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