Mike Heynes

Martian Channel Chroma (2010)

6 min 35 sec (excerpt)5 channel installation / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"Science Fiction genre study. Channel surfing through Martian TV. This work assumes the existence of aliens without ray guns and proposes that they are no real threat; Earth is merely a burger stop on the way to somewhere better."

Artist's statement

In animation, the chroma channel (blue or green screen) allows characters to move freely in time and space. Originally installed at the New Zealand Film Archive mediagallery 2010 as a 5 channel video installation with two mechanised dioramas, vinyl sticker wall graphics. 5 channels re-edited for CIRCUIT.

Other works by Mike Heynes

CIRCUIT is the
leading voice
for artist moving image
in Aotearoa New Zealand,
distributing works,
critical review and
which reflect our unique, contemporary
South Pacific context.