Darcell Apelu

Next time (2019)

4 min 27 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"Next time is a response to the experience and aftermath of visiting Niue as the lafaiki Artist in residence 2018. The work is also a continuation from previous work I can see you for who you really are exhibited at Mangere Arts Centre in 2017 which explored morphing imagery to create a narrative to define a position of Niueaness/Pacificness, a naïve point of view through a Western lens, a voyeuristic relationship.

The experience of the residency, though essential to initiate understanding of Niueaness/Pacificness has still left a sense of unknowing, a type of awkwardness. The imagery within the work are moments of experience that connect/disconnect and are defined memories. There is a constant want to understand more and create further familial connections."

Artist's statement

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