Leala Faleseuga

Product of New Zealand (2015)

1 min 37 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Silent

A figure stands against a wall while a series of still images are projected over the top of them, signalling a journey through a life. The images include old photos, documents from school, handwriting on scraps of paper and other ephemera.

"A moving-image component of a larger project that centered on unearthing ‘artefacts’; clues to my family history, in boxes in the garage. Many of the works for this exhibition had their genesis in these explorations. The artefacts… photos, albums, writings, documents, ephemera etc. were used to blend into other works through collage and layering.

For this work, I projected these artefacts upon myself, watching my form blend into their textures and colours, sometimes losing myself, other times standing starkly out. This work speaks to the act of looking for myself, for clues to myself and my place in the world today, via artefacts of the past and family narrative. It’s the tension of someone who lives in multiple worlds but also in none at all.

In the context of this exhibition, this work was projected upon an installation of the very boxes from which i got my artefacts. This includes the box marked ‘Product of New Zealand’, from where I got my exhibition name.

The production quality is lo-fi, using easily accessible equipment like cellphones and apps."

—Artist's statement

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