Aliyah Winter

RAGE (2020)

4 min 36 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

“A figure scrambles over damp rocks, dragging their body through muddy sand and into the water. They are wearing a wig of an unnatural yellow, a diaphanous dress, ultramarine fishnet stockings. There is an unmissable sense of performed allure in the attire. But it remains unclear who the performance is for. Is it directed at an intimate, a stranger, or simply the self? The camera follows the body up close. Periodically, the picture breaks into bands, or judders into pixilation, as if the footage is partially corrupted, or snagging in transmission. A more pressing question: How did the person get here? By their own volition or someone else’s violence? To what extent are these things separable?”

Francis McWhannell, The Pantograph Punch

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