James Wylie

Recall (2018)

2 min 50 sec (excerpt) of 14 min 18 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

Recall is a digitally animated work that positions the viewer as an observer moving through digital worlds.

The work opens with a rocky landscape before the camera hones in on a Renaissance painting of toga-clad figures. The frame of the image changes to an oval eye-like shape. The word "fix me", then "fixe", then "fixme" are typed in yellow into a console. The scene changes to show an animated tree with a glistening river behind. At 1 minute 30 seconds, the world changes to a grassy hills, alongside an open laptop screen on the left, and buildings on the right. There is the sense that we are a small figure inhabiting a large computer. The oval shape returns and we examine billboard-like signs in front of us: a man's face, two hourglasses. The camera turns to look at the computer screen and pans down a busy Facebook page.

"recall slowly reveals to us a game world overloaded with data, in which the artist performs as the game’s first person character and creator, attempting to navigate the overstimulated world. By using console commands to travel throughout the world, the game rejects a stable state, instead the character teleports through spaces, lingering on moments that may provide context for an eventual goal."

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