Gray Nicol

Remember Snow (2009)

9 min 29 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Black & White / Sound

When I try to remember the way he looked, it’s not certain, it’s hard to pin down… I seem to make up the image. I’m not sure if it’s memory or imagination…

Remember Snow begins with an image of water. On the voiceover Nicol recounts the triggers for fleeting memories of a childhood family figure - “a river… standing on the wharf… a stretch of State Highway One”. He compares his memory to “a short film clip or stills out of order”. A carved bust of a figure cross fades into the frame. The bust appears to be underwater. Nicol’s own face appears in the background as a ghostly shadow, his mouth opens, bubbles are released towards the bust and we hear a distorted voice say “Wake up, Snow, Snow, wake up”. The image of Snow begins to distort as water moves across it, creating shadow and intimating corporeal form, as if searching to settle on an image.

“Snow was my mother's friend for some years. They didn't marry, and he moved on, sadly. I know very little about his life before and after that time. I have only one photograph, and you can't see his face.”

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