Susu 蘇子誠

Remember to Dive 回溯潛水 (2022)

8 min 45 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Silent

Conceived as a floor-based projection, Remember to Dive 回溯潛水 projects an ever-changing circular image framed by subtitles on four sides.

"Remember to Dive brings the body into focus through its interaction with other things in the world: My nails filled with oil from meat that the white bread didn’t absorb / pores filled with smoke and pomelo juice. The projected video is moonlike in format, with subtitles encircling the image so there is no fixed point from which to read. The work draws on the vivid and non-linear associations one forms with things—mandarins, hands, rocks—and the way we recall through objects. Following the artist’s remembered experiences in relation to Tudigong (deity of soil and the ground), swimming training, and lunar holiday fireworks, it moves fluidly between physical and metaphysical states, between the ground, and the sky."

—The Physics Room, 2022.

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