Murray Hewitt

Slow Steaming (2021)

11 min 29 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

June 1–7
Tverskoy Bridge is a crude oil tanker built in 2007 by Admiralty Wharves - St Petersburg Russia. Owned by Unicom Management Services - Limassol, Cyprus. Currently sailing under the flag of Liberia. It’s carrying capacity is 46 564 tonnes of petrochemicals. Length 182.5m, width 32.24m. Departed Melbourne 7 May. Leaves Taranaki heading for Geelong Australia.       Africa's first republic, Liberia was founded in 1822 as a result of the efforts of the American Colonization Society to settle freed American slaves in West Africa. The society contended that the emigration of blacks to Africa was an answer to the problem of slavery and the incompatibility of the races. Over the course of forty years, about 12,000 slaves were voluntarily relocated. Originally called Monrovia, the colony became the Free and Independent Republic of Liberia in 1847. The English-speaking Americo-Liberians, descendants of former American slaves, make up only 5% of the population, but have historically dominated the intellectual and ruling class. Liberia's indigenous population is composed of 16 different ethnic groups.

June 8
is a bulk carrier built in 2010 owned by JJ Ugland - Grimstad, Norway. Sailing under the flag of Norway. It’s carrying capacity is 58 105 tonnes, length 189.99m, width 32.26m. Bonita sailed from Napier and departed Taranaki for China.

June 9
Tverskoy Bridge & Bonita. Each merchant ship is required by international law to be registered in a registry created by a country, and a ship is subject to the laws of that country, which are used also if the ship is involved in a case under admiralty law. A ship's owners may elect to register a ship in a foreign country which enables it to avoid the regulations of the owners' country which may, for example, have stricter safety standards. They may also select a jurisdiction to reduce operating costs, avoiding higher taxes in the owners' country and bypassing laws that protect the wages and working conditions of mariners... As of 2009, more than half of the world's merchant ships were registered with open registries, and almost 40% of the entire world fleet, in terms of deadweight tonnage, were registered in Panama, Liberia, and the Marshall Islands. (Wikipedia)

June 10


June 11
Bonita, TS Delta & Magellan Endeavour.
TS Delta is a bulk carrier built in 2017 sailing under the flag of Panama. TS Delta is owned by Ocean Brillant Shipping Limited China. It’s carrying capacity is 38 868 tonnes, length 182m, width 30m. It departed from Wellington on June 6 and left Taranaki carrying logs heading to China.

Magellan Endeavour is a oil/chemical tanker built in 2006 sailing under the flag of Panama. It is owned by Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha Japan. It’s carrying capacity is 47 931 tonnes of petrochemicals, length 185.93m, width 32.2m.

June 12

Spinnaker SW is a bulk carrier built in 2012 sailing under the flag of Panama. It is owned by Spinnaker Pescadores SA from Taiwan. It carries logs and its capacity is 31 657 tonne, length 175.53m, width 29.4m. It arrived from Auckland and left Taranaki for Marsden Point.

June 13 Spinnaker SW.      June 14 No boats.      June 15 Spinnaker SW.      Heavier petroleum products like diesel fuel and lubricating oil are much less volatile and distill out more slowly, while bunker oil is literally the bottom of the barrel. In oil distilling, the only things denser than bunker fuel are carbon black feedstock and bituminous residue (asphalt), (Wikipedia)

June 16

Mari Jone is an oil/chemical tanker built in 2016 sailing under the flag of Norway. It is carrying capacity is 49 999 tonnes of methanol. Length 186.06 m, width 32.23 m. It arrived at Taranaki from Lyttelton and left for China.

June 17

Spinnaker SW & Kara Sea.

Kara Sea is a crude oil tanker built in 2010 sailing under the flag of Singapore. It’s carrying capacity is 11 5191 tonnes of crude oil, length 243.8 m, width 42 m. Kara Sea is owned by Latrix Shipping INC, Singapore.      Shipping accounts for 3% of the world’s carbon emissions. If it were a country, the sector would be the world’s sixth-largest emitter…..

June 18–21 Mari Jone. June 22–28

No boats.

June 29

Oyster Bay is a Bulk Carrier built in 2016 sailing under the flag of Hong Kong.

It’s carrying capacity is 55 183 tonnes, length 189.99 m, width 32.26 m.

It left Taranaki for Napier.      The international shipping industry is responsible for the carriage of around 90% of world trade.

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