Melissa Irving

Solo Suite in Space and Time (after Merce Cunningham) (2011)

8 min 37 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

“Melissa Irving’s video work Solo Suite in Space and Time (after Merce Cunningham) […] explores the capabilities and limitations of the body. Irving worked with ten trained dancers to develop and hold static poses within the bustling thoroughfare of the Cuba Mall end of Left Bank. The shapes held by the dancers using architectural features as supports, foot or handholds is in distinct contrast to the business of Wellingtonians going about their lives. The encounter with the performers is curious to some, they stop and watch, pause or stumble, become self conscious when they clock the video camera, others pass by oblivious to the extreme extension, counterpoint or balance in the dancers bodies. When a pose cannot be held any longer the performer releases and walks off into the city.”

Heather Galbraith, 2012

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