Sandy Gibbs

Sometimes a kiss is... not just a kiss (2 of 2) (2006)

16 min 50 sec2 channel installation / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

The second of two videos from an installation consisting of videos, sculpture, and pink imitation-satin curtains.

"Perched atop an almost-invisible gyrating mechanical bull, the two protagonists are slowed down and accompanied by Hayden’s Cello Concerto (No.2 in D major) with Jacqueline du Pré on cello. Like the unseen cello, the mechanical bull is held firmly between the legs of the performers.

Playing on a wall-mounted monitor on the opposite wall is a split screen video consisting of a montage of film footage that conflates and problematises notions of mediatised masculinity and femininity.

Powder pink satin curtains bathe the gallery in a soft pink glow. And on the floor is a piece of furniture – or is it? An upholstered pink pouf with a gurgling water fountain serenely ejaculates in time with the music. It’s pretty and alluring but try sitting on it—you want to, but you can’t without getting a wet patch"

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