Obadiah Russon

Splitting lips, limbs and eyes (2021)

12 min 21 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"Shot in an abandoned building in central Auckland known as Pigeon Palace, this film is a failed attempt at escape and transcendence. Standing amongst the glass mass of the city, this abandoned building serves as a sanctity away from surveillance, other than the eyes of the pigeons which call this place home. This film acts as documentation for a performance which creates a portal of escape to another world, dancing to a distorted pop song often heard in crowded nightclubs. When there is no escape from the endless structures of the city, dancing is an act to engage with cameras and practices of projection, in a failed attempt to create something that moves beyond the physical body. By rejecting everything other than our technologies, we might just have a small moment of hope and freedom."

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