Louie Zalk-Neale

Stranding (2019)

18 min 27 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

“the costume is constructed from recycled fabrics and upholstery; weighted at the bottom with rice. its veil-like structure seems ritualistic and traditional but can’t be pinned to a particular culture, time-period or gender. it feels unfamiliar and alien; it looks like it should have a purpose but it’s not clear what that purpose is. moving with slow, fluid gestures, i mimic the drifting tendrils of sea creature, or a lampshade swaying in an earthquake. i must be from beyond this terrestrial world, yet here i am, and here you are.

performing in a costume lets me place myself outside of the social restrictions we all experience in day to day life, like how we are expected to move and dress our bodies in ‘appropriate’ ways depending on our gender, age, race, and any surrounding contexts. when i’m in the privileged state of performing i’m not just imagining, but embodying a world that doesn’t stop us from being our desired selves.”

—Artist's statement

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