Hye Rim Lee

Strawberry Garden Lucid Dream (2011)

3 min 45 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

Strawberry Garden Lucid Dream is a digitally animated work that shows a spinning strawberry alongside a slick black dragon resting on a white plane. The dragon’s space is interrupted by thin green vine-like strips that descend from the ceiling, which the dragon plucks and then, as if a spell has been cast, falls asleep. While the dragon sleeps, strawberries appear and are populated by lots of tiny black female figures. These figures are TOKI, the idealised woman-bunny hybrid character that inhabits many of Lee’s works.

The dragon in Strawberry Garden Lucid Dream is YONG, another animated character that Lee has used in multiple works. YONG is elaborately detailed, with flourishes and a koru-like motif running down the spine of her back.

Strawberry Garden Lucid Dream is, as the name suggests, a non-narrative dreamscape of creatures and plump berries. When YONG falls asleep, TOKI arrives to excite and titillate. The work is part of Lee’s ongoing exploration of the relationship between sexuality and technology. Here, she creates a glossy, frictionless world where TOKI and strawberries are equated: both are tempting fruits that wait to be plucked.

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