Shannon Novak

String Section (2013)

1 min 26 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"(I) wanted to develop a work that would encourage collaboration where two or more people could work together to activate a series of related objects in the same location. This led to the development of a work titled String Section, documented in this video. Three rows of twelve small clusters of geometric forms were spaced evenly on a wall. Each cluster could be activated individually using a mobile device. When activated, a short animation would occur, extending the geometric forms in the cluster outward like a flower, accompanied by a single musical note (a group of orchestral strings playing and holding the same note). Each cluster would generate a different musical note turning the wall into an interactive musical instrument.

Artworks using augmented reality may often be developed for an individual experience rather than a collaborative experience. The audience is usually presented with an object or location that they can activate or have activated for them. (In String Section) people could create music alone or with others by moving a mobile device to different clusters to make different musical notes. For example, one person could hold a mobile device over one cluster to generate a high note, and another person could hold another mobile device over a different cluster to generate a low note that may or may not be in harmony with the other note." —Artist's statement

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