Annie Bradley

swallowing the sun (2012)

4 min 25 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

A spinning circular form jauntily skims the edge of the video frame top and bottom. The object, when it decelerates, is tactile, textured with fine hairs and disarmingly bodily. The circle in motion is on an endless loop of speeding and slowing. A rudimentary from of physics is at play, one which emphasises points of gravity, angles, and classification.

Bradley’s installation is haunted by the body, its processes, the imprint of its passage upon objects. The functions of these bodily systems push the process of making. Air pockets are squeezed or impact with the body, materials, and space. The flow of breathing in and out—exhale, gasp, inhale.

The work dwells in ideas of time in the immediate present, the resonance of now. This living moment is often found where it is not expected, within our daily activities. Camus emphasises the way Sisyphus finds these small revelations, through his daily labour of rolling a massive stone up a hillside. It is through this repetition of activity that he experiences a sense of intensity:

"Each atom of that stone, each mineral flake of that night filled mountain, in itself forms a world.”

He has stumbled on an expanded appreciation for the details of his surroundings, it is in these singular moments that he finds joy.

Originally this video work was exhibited in the context of an installation which included sculptural elements, objects made from ceramics and photographs.

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