Kauri Wharewera

Te Kahui o Matariki (2021)

7 min 56 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Silent

An animated video that images each star in the Matariki cluster.

"The start looks at Ururangi, which is the star that controls the nature of the winds. I wanted to open the work with a simple image. As it moves it becomes blurred, to try to capture how the wind moves. After about a minute, it moves through to Matariki. There is potential to see faces in this part, not fully formed, but sometimes you’ll catch eyes, or a mouth, or nose. This is a play on the name Mata Ariki, which means ‘face’, but it can also mean blade, screen, point or viewfinder. Ariki means chief or describes someone or something of high ranking. The Matariki star is responsible for the harvesting and planting of crops. It’s a bit of a reset and a time to focus on getting the kūmara planted on time and sowing seeds. And once those seeds are sown you can focus on nurturing your crops and slowing down."

Artist's statement

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