Johannes Contag

The Twilight Drone (2008)

48 min 38 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"'The Twilight Drone' is an experimental video that aims to resurrect the concept of the “ambient film” stipulated by Brian Eno. Set to a minimalist soundtrack of steady, undulating organ drones and rhythms, this static-POV video tracks a group of three silhouetted figures moving in a loosely triangular pattern in the snow. One of the figures is an unwitting participant in the others’ choreography, which means the cyclical flow of movement is constantly being renegotiated. The editing of the video, which includes stark contrasts, ghosting, inversions, speed changes, overlays and colour blocks, evokes the bluntly unnaturalistic techniques of 1970s/80s video art.

'The Twilight Drone' is the conclusion of Johannes Contag’s 'Sleepytime' trilogy, the first two being instrumental music albums ('You Are Feeling Sleepy', 'Schlafwandler'). As the name infers, the 'Sleepytime' cycle aims to shift the audience’s perceptive faculties into a somnolent state somewhere between meditation and daydream, free from the trappings of the causal intellect."

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