Sione Faletau

Tolu Katea (2021)

Single channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

Metaphorically, 'Tolu Katea' is imagery of three canoes, interconnected, keeping each other afloat on the deep moana (ocean). Each canoe plays an important role, maintaining the balance needed to reach ashore. Literally, 'Tolu Katea' is the holistic balance of our mind (education), body (physical), and soul (spirituality) interconnected to enrich and contribute to NZ society.

Artistically and visually, 'Tolu Katea' is an extract of the audio waves from Himi 114 [‘Eiki koe ‘Ofa A’Au – pertinent to Gods love, as deep as the moana] performed by Tupou College Toloa students. The range of voice frequencies are represented in a digital form of sound waves (patterns/kupesi) and are apparent when you hear them sing.

The human spirit, through the voices drives the kupesi (patterns) to connect and disconnect giving rise to new kupesi every time.

Eiki koe ‘ofa a’au
Eiki koe ‘ofa a’au koe moana loloto
Pea ngalo hifo kiai, ‘eku ngaahi anga hia
Pea kuo ‘ufi’ufi ‘eku kovi kotoa pe
eku kovi kotoa pe
I he vaivai hoku sino pea vaivai mo e loto
E poupou ‘e he taulani hoku laumālie holi
Peau ongo’i o ‘ilo ‘a e ‘ofa ta’engata
a e ‘ofa ta’engata
Peau ongo’i o ‘ilo ‘a e ‘ofa ta’engata
a e ‘ofa ta’engata

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