Trailer: St Bathans repetitions 1/2/16 - 21/3/16 (2016)

43 secDigital Video / Sound

An installation by Montreal artist Alexandre Larose, showing at The Gym (Free Theatre Christchurch) Tues 22—Sat 26 August

Shot in the former gold mining town of St Bathans around the Blue Lake, a small turquoise body of water formed by the artificial process of gold-sluicing in the late 19th century. Made by Larose in 2016 whilst CIRCUIT's international artist-in-residence, the artist subjected his original images of scenic and domestic environs to intense image manipulation through in-camera techniques, suggesting slippages in time and place.

Christchurch musician Motte will perform a live soundtrack to St Bathans repetitions on Wednesday 23 August, 5.30pm.

Showing as part of the annual CIRCUIT Symposium / Artist Week The Thickness of Cinema. See the full programme here.

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