Sione Faletau

Tuaikaepau—Slowly but surely (2020)

Single channel / Digital Video / Black & White / Sound

"Tuaikaepau is a story of tragedy and victory. To commemorate the courageous survivors of Tuaikaepau (a boat that was shipwrecked on Minerva reef for over 100 days in 1962), a poem was composed by Queen Sālote with music and dance by Noble Ve‘ehala (Leilua) and Malukava (Tēvita Kavaefiafi).

The Kava Tonga Vocal Choral Musical group sung the song in 1962 but Sione Faletau has used the version sung by the Afokoula group at a later date. Sione Faletau extracted the audio wave spectrum from the recording of the song and created kupesi (a Tongan word for patterns) from the frequencies. Creating lines that connect and disconnect, making new kupesi every time."

—Artist's statement

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