Julian Dashper

Untitled (Black C.V.) (1999)

2 hours 36 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

"The video of Untitled CV (1999) is another means of marking time, placing the pages of the artist’s CV on the wall to mark out the artist’s career-to-date. This video variant of the work includes an assistant placing the work on the wall as a live event, so it has the process of a work’s production becoming a work, much like Untitled (this painting), which explains its own history and production. The creation of this work is two-fold: there is the hanging on the wall of Untitled (Black C.V.) (1999), which provides the credentials that confirms Dashper’s status as an artist of note; and there is the ongoing creation of the CV through additional exhibitions, expanding with each subsequent process, building the aura through which each of his works gains ‘value’. The CV remains unfixed, updating in a cyclical manner after each subsequent project as a self-perpetuating process, even continuing after the artist’s death."

Andrew Clifford

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