Mark Harvey

Work! part 2 of 3 (2012)

23 min 31 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

Harvey runs backwards in a circle around a step ladder before falling over. Blomqvist climbs the ladder and sprinkles white paper onto Harvey, who lies still at the base of the ladder. Blomqvist describes he and his families history of working in a factory. Blomqvist climbs the ladder holding another box, from which he throws out paper, some of which lands on Harvey. Blomqvist speaks in Swedish and describes the work of being an artist, takes another box and empties the contents (hole punch machines) on Harvey. Harvey asks the audience for tape and chairs, which he tapes to Blomqvist’s back, who crawls across the floor strewn with office supplies and waste. Blomqvist crawls out from under the pile of chairs. He exits, and returns with a trolley of drinks for the audience. He wheels in a trolley of large cardboard boxes and discusses the workplace tea break. Harvey begins excersing by lifting a folded trestle table, whilst discussing his children and his home. Video ends abruptly and continues in part 3.

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