Mark Harvey

Work! part 3 of 3 (2012)

19 min 15 secSingle channel / Digital Video / Colour / Sound

Harvey continues the gesture and dialogue from the end of Work! part 2, exercising by lifting a trestle table, and discussing being an artist with children. He talks about watching the TV science fiction show Battlestar Galactica. Blomqvist hands out cardboard boxes to the audience, instructing them to rest them on their head. He tapes tea urns to a trolley and leads the audience in a run around the perimeter of the room. He calls aloud, signalling the audience to raise the boxes, which open, releasing plastic cups.  The audience kick the cups, creating a cacophany of sound. They stop, Blomqvist stands at the door, repeatedly falling backwards onto the floor in the room. He says “Just tell me when to stop”. Audience members tell him to stop, but he continues. He stops, the artists indicate the performance is over, the audience applaud. The artists leave, a child plays manically amongst the left over detritus.

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