This month Mark Amery gives Sound Full at City Gallery Wellington a decidedly mixed response—"sound and fury signifying nothing"—only to be rebutted by guests Martin Patrick ("I feel like we went to different shows") and Sophie Jerram. They discuss work by Marco Fusinato, Phil Dadson, Eugene Hansen and Jenny Gillam. They discuss metaphysics and spirituality in art, with Patrick summarising Dadson's work as "interior space affected by the sensory." They discuss the public gallery as a communal space.

We talk to Dr Max Schleser, co-founder of MINA, the Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa about their upcoming symposium and mobile technology in contemporary art; then in part 3 we round off by dialling up Rebecca Ann Hobbs in Auckland where her show Body Rock has just opened at the Film Archive. All that, some paper rustling, two studios and the usual gripping content that is CIRCUIT Cast.

00:00 Sound Full
18:00 Max Schlesser
31:20 Rebecca Ann Hobbs

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