In this final 2013 pod guests Abby Cunnane, Michelle Menzies, Megan Dunn, Martin Patrick and host Mark Amery gather in an Irish pub to discuss the years highlights both in moving image and elsewhere.

Artists discussed include Jacqueline Fraser, G. Bridle, Dan Arps, Kushana Bush, Yvonne Todd, Joanna Paul, Julian Dashper, Gavin Hipkins.

Michelle Menzies says "What I would like to see a bit more of is some artists turning to the moving image with some more self-consciousness about it’s history both in New Zealand and at large, so the moving image isn’t always taken up as a found object with a kind of innocence, but rather something that trails a real, formal, content-based background that needs to be grappled with”.

Exhibitions briefly discussed include Len Lye at City Gallery Wellington, the Auckland Triennal, Moving On Asia: Towards a New Art Network.

Later in the pod we dial up Melanie Oliver at the Physics Room in Christchurch to review the year that was after the recent earthquakes. Melanie discusses moving back to the gallery premises. Brief discussion of public art projects including FESTA, SCAPE. They discuss other gallery activities by Dog Park and Split Fountain. Notable artists in 2013 include Ella Sutherland. Melanie reflects on the earthquake as backdrop "I can see rubble outside my window" but also talks about artists moving on. She discusses the recent artist mobile cinema project Picture House by Heather Hayward and Tessa Peach, featuring a collection of works curated by CIRCUIT entitled Six Videos for TEZA, and the loss of cinemas in the earthquake.

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