In this conversation host Mark Williams meets three artists who discuss the intersection of filmic technologies with living world of mauri, whakapapa and spiritual practice.

Nova Paul's Rākau (2022) is a 16mm film of Pūriri trees. Paul created a film developer solution from foliage discarded by the trees themselves, bringing the image from negative to postive, creating a cyclical portrait of the Pūriri.

Jamie Berry’s Whakapapa Algorhythms (2021) is a montage of archival home movies, recent digital animation and a constant pulsing score which was written by sequencing the artists own DNA.

Jae Hoon Lee's Dark Matter (2022) continues his preoccupation with new technology as a vehicle to transform organic matter, presenting a series of pulsing coals, crystal and other mineral deposits.

This conversation was recorded for the 2022 Screen Studies Association of New Zealand conference The Materiality of Screen Media.

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