Colin Hodson

Hodson's first digital feature, Shifter (2000), described by the Vancouver International Film Festival as "a self-contained slice of in medias res existence, capturing the spaces in-between with unpolished exactitude", was wholly improvised and shot for the cost of the dv tapes. This film was hailed for presenting a fresh and disconcerting glimpse into the lives of 20-something contemporary urban New Zealanders.

Hodson's next improvised feature continued the exploration of these personal narratives. .OFF.(2002), explores "the love triangle of two boys and one girl searching for love within a world of drug addiction". The Capital Times noted it for "capturing performances of such uninflected realism it is hard to believe that the film is fiction, and that we are not watching a documentary". Revisiting this film in 2006, Hodson re-edited Off into a 60 minute feature, .ON.
Hodson used to be based in New York City and was an associate member of The Wooster Group. He also worked extensively with the avant-garde playwright/director Richard Foreman. In New Zealand, he has created numerous performances and video installations.
Selected Exhibitions

Maul, Melbourne International Film Festival, New Zealand International Film Festival

2007 Alley, The Artists Film Festival, The Film Archive, Wellington

Ease, Enjoy Gallery, Wellington (Performance)
272 Willis street/Footscray ave, Blue Oyster Gallery, Dunedin