Dilohana Lekamge

Dilohana Lekamge is a Wellington-based visual artist whose practice consists of live-performance and performance-based video works - often including elements of bodily manipulation and endurance. She explores her heritage and social position as a young woman of Sri Lankan descent. Throughout her practice she consistently responds to her Western education and placement in Euro-centric New Zealand.

From 2017-19 she was a facilitator of the Wellington artist-run initiative MEANWHILE. During this period she published a number of critical texts for galleries, physical publications and online platforms.

Selected Exhibitions

From Me To You, CIRCUIT Symposium Screening, Wellington

Amateur Āyurveda (solo), Window gallery, Auckland

For Any Who Come to Take From Here (solo), Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington
Angelwave, Play_station, Wellington
Pool Party, MEANWHILE, Wellington