Peter Wareing

Peter Wareing is a New Zealand artist currently based in London. Working between cinema and gallery, both in the long cinema form and in multi-channel, his works often consist of fractured narratives that ultimately speak to the disorientating effects of late-period capitalism. A recurrent formal motif in Wareing's practice has been to focus on an individual endeavouring to assert themselves within a larger opaque system.

From the late 1980s-mid 2000s while living in New York he made a number of works in collaboration with Off-Off-Broadway theatre director/writer Mike Taylor, and performance/installation artists Conway & Pratt Projects.

His 2014 documentary Not Everybody Can Do Everything was shot over 14 years in a residential home in Manhattan for the visually and mentally impaired, an institution in which Wareing was a volunteer.

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Peter Waering's show Stuggorings and Fijetterings was reviewed in the June 2014 episode of CIRCUIT CAST