Shahriar Asdollah - Zadeh

Asdollah-Zadeh is an Auckland based sculptor, painter and installation artist. He is of Iranian/Filipino descent, born in the Philippines and raised in New Zealand. He studied at Elam School of Fine Art and completed his Post Graduate diploma at Elam in 2010. He particularly works with design based large scale sculptures, light based objects, polygonal paintings, video and installation works. Asdollah-Zadeh's art practice and academic research has focused around concepts of the human condition and migration of local and global displaced communities in Asia and the West. His current research is focused around place/displacement, diaspora/migration, experience/memory and the environment.
Selected Exhibitions

Light Dot Colour, Trish Clarke Gallery, Auckland 

Rainbow Machine, The Physics Room, Christchurch
The Shouting Valley, Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland

Passionate Instincts, The Physics Room, Christchurch
The Hive Hums With Many Minds, Te Tuhi, Auckland 

The Screen, Enjoy Contemporary Art Gallery, Wellington