Andy Warhols Eat A Hamburger [38 Scenes From YouTube RECON]


“Dick Whyte’s Recon series... remixes scenes from films or “high-art” works with reenactments that people have posted on YouTube, more or less celebrating the creativity that occurs the moment a person hits the record button. By remixing the originals with the reenactments by average people his works 'deterritorialize the category of 'high-art' and reclaim these works for the people as 'folk' art'.” (Laura Kalthoff, Record/Record, 2011)

"I recently discovered that someone had a similar idea about a year ago and collected all the Andy Warhol Eats a Hamburger videos on their blog. Ha! Great minds think alike, or as I like to say, 'like minds like to tell each other they're great.'" - Dick Whyte

Part of a series of films by Whyte reconstructing moments of 20th century art out of remakes sourced from the internet.

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