Beach body (3 screen installation documentation)


"The following is an exercise in attempting to localise my train of thought. Often fragmented and linked in ways that aren’t immediately clear to the spectator, it serves to negotiate and navigate the fruits of my research, my body, my emotions, my subjectivity and my objectivity. Although it seems conceptually naïve at times, I think it’s important to understand the complexity and extent that our technological landscape is being covertly constructed to serve and perpetuate the social and political interests of the hegemony. Particularly in relation to ideas surrounding freedom from the body (planet earth) and freedom from the body (human form) and the push to frame this ‘freedom’ as the ultimate form of liberation."

- Lara Lindsay-Parker, from Anti-body - Lara Lindsay Parker and Holly Walker, Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Wellington (2018)

Installation Shot: Anti-body, Toi Poneke Arts Centre, Wellington (2018)