Bodytok - the human instrument archive


Description: 3, 4 or 5 screen, non-synchronous, interactive, digital-video and audio installation
Exhibition mode: 55" LCD screens, wall &/or suspension mounted. (All playback accessories concealed)
Media details: HD 1920 x 1080 digital video files. Video/audio and interactivity computer controlled. (Full details supplied on request)

Bodytok - the human instrument archive is an ongoing video/sound recording project profiling the unique and often idio-syncratic non-verbal sounds humans can produce with their bodies only. Each contributor performs direct to camera against a background colour of their choice. The exhibition is interactive with each screen responding to viewer proximity and performing direct to viewer(s) while in front of the screen, otherwise clicking over at one frame a second as if still portraits in the gallery. The collection of contributing participants is ongoing.

Installation Shot: Mangere Arts Centre (2013)


A sonicsfromscratch project
Conceived and initiated by Phil Dadson (2006)
Interactivity design by James Charlton
Screen support by Sony NZ Ltd

Selected Exhibitions: Mangere Art Centre, Manakau (2013) Scape Public Art Biennale, Christchurch (2013) Te Manawa Gallery, Manawatu (2012) Pataka Gallery, Porirua (2012) Otago Museum, Dunedin (2012)