Boundless Energy


"Fresh, undulating bubbles in your blood oceans ahead. PBPR will travel to the peaks of business, wade through the rivers of jargon and pull out the golden nuggets that will let your career soar to its ultimate destiny. Swivel over, we will fill you up with black coffee until your heart is pumping like Usain Bolt. let our powerful feminine energy guide the natural receptors in your brain to fulfill your potential. PBPR understands PR as a force and promotion as an entity in art. Each project we take on is considered through scrupulous research and technical expertise. The hysteria of business slowed down, dealt with in a series of moments. Layers of fiction piled atop each other, a company, a film, a practice all emerging together in connected synergies." - PBPR

Installation Shot: Boundless Energy, presented by PBPR, Ferari, Auckland, 2012.


Directed by: Damien Shatford, Zhoe Granger & Ashlin Raymond
Camera Operator: Damien Shatford
Colourist: Nick Burridge
Music: Chris Cudby
Production Assistant: Poppy Granger